System 3R 3R-628.41-S, User kit, Macro & MacroJunior

Contents:3R-465.1-A, Holder with MacroJunior taper, 4 pcs.3R-461.1-GA, Holder with MacroJunior journal, 2 pcs.3R-466.4033, Chuck adapter Macro/Macr...

3R-465.1-A, Holder with MacroJunior taper, 4 pcs.
3R-461.1-GA, Holder with MacroJunior journal, 2 pcs.
3R-466.4033, Chuck adapter Macro/MacroJunior.
3R-466.10033, Chuck adapter Macro/MacroJunior.
3R-491, Pallet 25 mm, MacroJunior, 10 pcs.
3R-605.1, Drawbar, long, 4 pcs.
3R-605.2, Drawbar, short, 2 pcs.
3R-610.21-S, Manual table chuck, Macro.
3R-651.7-S, Pallet, 54x54 mm, Macro, 8 pcs. 
3R-656.1, Check ruler, Macro.
3R-658.1-S, Spacer plate 54x54 mm, 2 pcs.
3R-658.4-S, Holder 54x54 mm, 2 pcs
3R-658.2-S, Holder 54x54 mm, 2 pcs.
Screw MTF4x12, 90 pcs.
Screw wrench.
Allen keys.

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